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The series classic from the 70s is back. The popular program for pre-school children with the legendary shape-shifter family has been reissued and will be available on Nickelodeon from the beginning of November.

With Dennis Schmidt-Foß and Christin Marquitan, two well-known dubbing actors are on board for Barbapapa and Barbamama. Schmidt-Foß is known among others as the voice of Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”) and Chris Evans (“Captain America”).

The premiere of the new edition of the cartoon classic will take place on Sunday, November 1st, at 9:30 a.m. at Nick.

The beloved “Barbapapa” universe was created in 1970 from the combined talent of the French-American couple Anette Tyson and Talus Taylor. The original series was broadcast in over 40 countries and gained worldwide fandom.

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